Send totally anonymous email was founded on the conviction that there are things that need to be said, albeit anonymously. We let you send emails without revealing anything that could compromise your privacy. Your IP address, ISP, content or destination of your email is not, and will never be saved. Our system of sending anonymous email is adapted to both individuals and corporations.

Send anonymous email with attachment

We let you compose anonymous email quickly and easily. Further, you maintain control of how your message looks as you can manipulate the text format to make it bold, italic, underline, and change the font color.

The critical component of anonymous email is obvious – anonymity. We respect your privacy.

Using our system, any email you send is void of information that can identify the sender. Your IP address is completely removed from the headers of messages sent by to protect your anonymity.

Send sensitive information anonymously

Without revealing your identity, we also allows you to convey important information to the media, police service, government or other recipient, without revealing your identity. and the hosting service are not legally liable for your emails or attachment sent at any time.

This site was created to give users a quick and easy way to give anonymous information to any person or company. By sending a false message or a joke by anonymous email, you may be committing a crime, even if you do not intend to. does not condone the use of this service for activities that may violate domestic or international laws. Users are solely responsible for their actions.

Send anonymous emails allows you to :

  • Send anonymous email privately
  • Send anonymous email safely
  • Hide your private IP address
  • Hide any information about your identity
  • Send fake email pranks to your friend
  • Give somebody a warning
  • Send photography anonymously
  • Transfer data or file anonymously
  • Anonymously report fraud
  • Report abuses of any kind
  • Report child pornography
  • Inform the police about illegal activities
  • Report sensitive information to the media